Caring for the Caregiver


Another way to find relief through respite care can be as simple as accepting offers of help from friends or family members. Or, create an area in the house that is solely for the caregiver, whether it be a reading nook, an extra bedroom, or even the bathroom where they can take the time to […]

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Social Interaction Pattern


Toddlers Most toddlers with autism, have difficulty playing social games, don’t imitate the actions of others, reject cuddles initiated by a parent or someone who cares and prefer to play alone. Children and Adults Both children and adults with autism also tend to have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking and feeling. A smile or […]

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ADHD – Causes


CAUSES It’s not completely known what causes Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some studies show a genetic link. Other possible causes of ADHD include: Exposure to drugs Nicotine Drinking alcohol during pregnancy Low birth weight Premature birth Nutritional (such as food additives) Brain injury and exposure to lead paint could also increase your risk of developing […]

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